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Pumpkin Run

We're joining Malibu Autobahn on their pumpkin run for a morning of cars & fun!
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When & Where?

  • Sunday October 27th. 
  • Oxnard to Malibu then a cruise
  • We’ll meet up at 6:45 AM in Oxnard to put stickers on our car.
  • Depart at 7:30 AM to Malibu. 
  • Arrive in Malibu at 8:30 AM for the Pumpkin Run. 

What is the Pumpkin Run?

It’s a special Halloween edition of their signature beachside event Malibu Meetups.

Participants are invited to participate in the car-costume contest! Get creative! Throw on a unique wrap, dress up to match your car, add whatever flair you want to you and your car to for the occasion.

Everyone at the event will have an opportunity to vote for their favorite car-costume combination and winners will win incredible prizes from Malibu Autobahn sponsors!

I Want in! What’s Next?

Because the Pumpkin Run spots are limited, we encourage you to register your vehicle and order your stickers as soon as possible. 

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